Practice Areas

We help clients launch new organizations, bring concepts and products to the government marketplace, navigate state and federal bureaucracy, and engage decision makers and opinion leaders.

Legislative and Regulatory Counsel

HMWK translates the needs and goals of our clients into public affairs campaigns that often result in legislative and regulatory action. We create strategies, meet with policy makers, negotiate with other interests, prepare advocacy materials, draft legislative and regulatory language, testify before legislative committees and state agencies, build coalitions, and advocate for the support of decision makers.

Economic Development

From understanding the state contracting process to securing incentives from the state and federal government, our firm helps clients expand their existing businesses, create new opportunities, and manage complex projects. Our partners provide business to government (B2G) market access strategies for start-ups and multinational corporations alike.

Issue Management

There ought to be a law. Maybe, but there is a strong chance your issue or project is not that simple. Perhaps you need regulatory relief, resources for a new or existing program, or greater awareness of your position. Do decision makers understand the impact government has on your organization? Managing issues is more than drafting a bill or writing a press release. It’s about stepping back, taking a hard look at what you need, and then determining how best to achieve it.

Communications Counsel

The message and the messenger cannot be separated. We shape, refine, and craft messages for the digital world. Whether you are communicating online or over the air, our firm knows that words matter. Providing strong editorial skills and a keen eye for direction, we provide communications strategy, focus, and leadership. It’s our job to ensure your message rises above the noise and can be heard.

Tax Issues

We understand the legislative process and the potential impact of tax legislation on your business. Our partners stand ready to represent clients on tax issues large and small, from sales and use taxes to the margins tax to premium taxes – we have the knowledge and experience to navigate the regulatory and legislative environment.

Alliance Building

Opposing sides, coming together, working out their differences. If only it were that simple. How do you unite people of different beliefs around a common purpose? You have to bridge perspectives and personalities. Building strategic coalitions takes time but is worth the investment. You can’t go it alone and win. Public servants know the difference between astroturf and authentic grassroots mobilization. Do you?