We know the players and the process. Our strength is in the development and execution of sound strategy. Advising private and public organizations has been our business for more than two decades. We can help you.

Our Team

The firm is deeply involved in government and public affairs in Texas and across the country. We work at the nexus of policy, politics, and persuasion. Finding Solutions. Solving Problems.

Practice Areas

We provide a variety of turnkey and project based services for our clients. Our core competencies include:

Legislative and Regulatory

HMWK translates the needs and goals of our clients into public affairs campaigns that result in legislative and regulatory action. We create strategies, meet with policy makers, negotiate with stakeholders, prepare advocacy materials, draft legislative and regulatory language, testify before legislative committees and state agencies, build coalitions, and advocate for the support of decision makers.

Economic Development

The contracting and procurement process is complex. We help our clients secure incentives, and successfully navigate the contracting process. Our partners provide business to government (B2G) market access strategies for start-ups and multinational companies.

Public Policy Campaigns

You’ve heard it before, and maybe even said it yourself: “There ought to be a law.” If only it were that easy. Whether you seek new legislation or regulatory reform, change requires more than a bill draft or proposed rule language. Educating policymakers, building consensus with stakeholders, and persuading others to support your issue requires campaign planning and execution.


The message and messenger are essential elements of successful issue campaigns. We shape and refine information for the digital age. Words matter. It is increasingly hard to break through the noise of social media. Everyone today is a journalist, so controlling your narrative is a big part of winning. Providing expert editorial support is a focus of our firm.

Tax Issues

We understand the legislative process and the potential impact of tax legislation on your business. We stand ready to represent clients on tax issues large and small. From sales and use taxes to the margins tax to premium taxes – we have the knowledge and experience to navigate the regulatory and legislative environment.

Coalition Building

Uniting organizations with diverse perspectives to pursue a common goal requires skill and leadership. It’s harder to go it alone and win. Building coalitions can make the difference in advancing your cause. Our firm has managed large issue based coalitions at the local, state, and federal level.

Our Clients

We’ve served public and private organizations, large and small,  some for nearly two decades.

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